FISH (20 February - 20 March) DOORS ARE FULL OPEN! In the first 5 months of 2022, in November and December, Jupiter will give you incredible luck. This year you will have full confidence in yourself. You will be able to impress people with ease. Do not wait for luck to come your way in this period that comes every 12 years and will determine the topics and events of the next 12 years. If you have plans and projects that you have set up in your mind, take action, deal with, meet new people, be in different places. Or improve yourself by giving importance to your education. If there is a field you are missing, complete it. Do not be lazy during this period and highlight the aspects that feed you. It may be helpful to make small plans to deal with your indecisions. After May 11, you will have great financial luck and opportunities until autumn. You can buy a house, enter property, save your money, use the money you get for your ventures. You can move forward with courage, ag